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5th European Meeting of Maracatu in Cologne
20th - 22th July, 2012

The idea to initiate the European get-together arose from our shared passion for Maracatu and the wish to share this sensation with the public. Initiator of the Encontro are Sam Alexander, director of the Maracatu Estrela do Norte from London together with Mestre Letho Nascimento, from the Maracatu Nação Oju Oba from Paris.

Encontro in Nantes 2008

The number of participants is gradually growing.

The overall aim of the 5th Maracatu get-together in Cologne in 2012 is to carry on and intensify the already existing cultural exchange of Germany, its European neighbours and Brazil. The city of Cologne will be the central spot for the Encontro in 2012.

The schedule will provide a variety of events: there will be a concert with different performances on stage on Saturday night. And on Sunday, Cologne citizens will get the unique opportunity to experience a colourful procession with almost 400 drummers and dancers.

Overview of the development of the European meetings of Maracatu:

Year of event
City, Country
No. of participants
No. of visitors
Encontro in Paris 2010
Encontro 2006 London, England 100 5000
Encontro 2007 London, England 200 5000
Encontro 2008 Nantes, France 250 3000
Encontro 2010 Paris, France 370 8000
Encontro 2012 Cologne, Germany Max. 400 env. 8000

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